Did Imam Hussain (AS) curse people?

SHAFAQNA – Ismail bin Hazqeel, known as Sadequl Wa’ad, was one of the Divine Prophets and for many years invited people to believe in God, but the Tribe of Ismail did not believe, and tortured him in a brutal manner. When blood was pouring from the body of Prophet Ismail Sadequl Wa’ad, an angel was sent to him, and said: God has sent me to help you, tell me what to do with this people, and what kind of torment do you wish to be inflicted on them? Prophet Ismail Sadequl Wa’ad replied: I must consider Hussain ibn Ali (AS) the son of the seal of the Prophets (PBUH), as a role model; therefore, I do not curse them [1].

[1] Elalul Sharaye’a, Sheikh Sadooq (RA), Page 78.

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