Imam Hussein holy shrine invites Sunni Endowment delegation


SHAFAQNA – A Muslim Sunni delegation visited the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine stand participating in the Baghdad International Fair.

His Eminence sheikh Qutaiba Ammash, director of the commemoration office in the Sunni Endowment bureau said: “The Imam Hussein Holy Shrine carries the name of Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him) who is a truly brave character. He made a unique impression on Muslims selves, how not and his grandfather is the divinely chosen Prophet (Allah’s Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him & His Pure Lineage) who said, ‘Imam Hussein is the master of youth of Paradise’ and ‘Hussein is from me and I am from Hussein’!”.

He also said, “We are from the Sunni Endowment bureau, came to pay a friendly visit to the stand of the Shia Endowment Bureau where we found promising signs of hopes, and we wish them more success.”

He hoped that the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine would do more in terms of facing the terrorist ISIS who aim at segregating the Iraqi society.


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