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Imam Hussein Shrine invites head of Naqshbandi to visit Iraq’s shrine


n response to an invitation by the Iraqi ambassador in Islamabad – Pakistan, the head of the preparatory committee of Neseem Kerbela Fifth Cultural Festival Moslim Abbas Segban met with the head of the Naqshbandi sect in Pakistan sheikh Feqeer Mohammed Neqeeb Err-Rehmani.


Segban said he met with Er-Rehmani at the Iraqi embassy in Pakistan, and invited him to make an official visit to the shrines in Iraq, in addition to giving him a present from Imam Hussein Shrine’s relics.


Er-Rehmani said, “I wish I could visit the shrines of the Ahlul-Bayet (Peace Be Upon Them) due to circumstances before, but now, I am happy to have been invited by Imam Hussein Shrine, and I will respond to this invitation as soon as possible.”


The Iraqi ambassador in Pakistan said, “It is a great meeting for bringing the Islamic denominations together.” He also mentioned that 184000 visitors visited shrines in Iraq in 2017.



By: Sebah Ettalaqani

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi

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