Imam Jawad (AS) and saving the prisoner

SHAFAQNA – Abasalt Herawi narrated that after the martyrdom of Imam Reza (AS) he was jailed on the order of Ma’amoon (the Caliph of the time). Abasalt said: I was in prison for one year and it was extremely difficult time for me. I prayed to God and asked for the intercession of the Prophet (PBUH) and Ahlul Bait (AS) in order that my prayers be accepted by God and I will be saved from the situation I was in. I had not finished my prayers when I saw Abu Ja’afar Mohammad ibn Ali (AS) entered and said: O’ Abasalt, has your heart become tight, your patience and tolerance have finished? I replied: Yes, I swear to God.

Imam Jawad (AS) said: Stand up and come out with me, then with his own hands opened the chains and took my hand and directed me out of the prison whilst all the guards were looking but were not able to speak or do anything. Then Imam (AS) said: Go now and know that you will not be faced by Ma’amoon’s guards and they cannot find you. Abasalt said: It happened as Imam Jawad (AS) said and so far the guards have not been able to find me [1].

[1] Oyoun Akhbarul Reza, Vol. 2, page 245.

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