Imam Reza’s (AS) resistance against unjust ruler of the time

SHAFAQNA – According to Islam, tyrannical rules are not acceptable, and Muslims should live under the rule of Islam. Imam Reza (AS) who is a Divine Caliph and God’s Proof on earth, at the time of the tyrannical ruler of the time Ma’amoon was forced to go to Marw and apparently accept to become his successor in line. At this time, some people used this to legitimise the tyrannical rule, but Imam Reza (AS) prevented this happening by various methods. One of these methods was making clear the truth within the religious decrees. Abo Saeed Khorasani narrated: At the beginning of the 3rd century AH, two passengers came to Khorasan, and went to see Imam Reza (AS) and asked him: We have come from such a place; do we perform our Salaats in full or broken? Considering that both of those men came from the same place, and there was no difference in their journeys, Imam Reza (AS) replied to one of them: Your Salaat is broken, and told the other one: Yours is full! Those two men who were surprised by the answer of Imam (AS) given to them, asked about the reason behind the answer. Imam Reza (AS) turned to the one whose Salaat was in full and said: You came with the intention of meeting the Sultan (Ma’amoon); therefore, your journey is the journey of sin, and the journey of sin cannot be the cause for Salaat to be broken [1].

[1] Wasaelul Shia, Vol. 5, page 510.

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