Imam Sajjad ‘s blessing upon Muhammad(pbuh) and his household(A.S)

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- After this praise of God he would supplicate by calling down blessings upon God’s Messenger Praise belongs to God , who was kind to us through Muhammad ( God bless him and his Household ) to the exclusion of past communities and bygone generations , displaying thereby His power , which nothing can render incapable , though it be great , and nothing can escape , though it be subtle . He sealed through us all He created , appointed us witnesses over those who deny , and increased us by His kindness over those who are few . O God , bless Muhammad , entrusted by Thee with Thy revelation , distinguished by Thee among Thy creatures , devoted to Thee among Thy servants , the imam of mercy , the leader of good , the key to blessing , who wearied his soul for Thy affairs , exposed his body to detested things for Thy sake , showed open enmity toward his next of kin by summoning to Thee , fought against his family for Thy good pleasure , cut the ties of the womb in giving life to Thy religion , sent far those close because of their denial , brought near those far because of their response to Thee , showed friendship to the most distant for Thy sake , displayed enmity toward the nearest for Thy sake , made his soul persevere in delivering Thy message , tired it in summoning to Thy creed , busied it in counselling those worthy of Thy summons , migrated to the land of exile and the place of remoteness from the home of his saddlebags , the walkway of his feet , the ground of his birth , and the intimate abode of his soul , desiring to exalt Thy religion and seeking help against those who disbelieved in Thee , until what he attempted against Thy enemies went well with him and what he arranged for Thy friends was accomplished . He rose up against them seeking victory through Thine aid , becoming strong in spite of his weakness with Thy help . He fought against them in the centre of their cities and attacked them in the midst of their dwellings , until Thy command prevailed , and Thy word rose up , though the idolaters were averse . O God , so raise him , because of his labours for Thy sake , to the highest degree of Thy Garden , that none may equal him in station , none may match him in level , and no angel brought nigh or prophet sent out may parallel him in Thy sight . And inform him concerning his Household the pure and his community the faithful of an excellent intercession , greater than what Thou hast promised him ! O Keeper of promises ! O Faithful to Thy word ! O He who changes evil deeds into manifold good deeds ! Thou art of bounty abounding !

و الحمد لله الذي من علينا بمحمد نبيه – صلي الله عليه و اله – دون الامم الماضية و القرون السالفة ، بقدرته التي لا تعجز عن شي ء و إن عظم ، و لا يفوتها شي ء و إن لطف .فختم بنا علي جميع من ذرء ، و جعلنا شهداء علي من جحد ، و كثرنا بمنه علي من قل .اللهم فصل علي محمد امينك علي وحيك ، و نجيبك من خلقك ، و صفيك من عبادك ، امام الرحمة ، و قائد الخير ، و مفتاح البركة .كما نصب لامرك نفسه .و عرض فيك للمكروه بدنه .و كاشف في الدعاء اليك حامته .و حارب في رضاك اسرته .و قطع في احياء دينك رحمه .و اقصي الادنين علي جحودهم .و قرب الاقصين علي استجابتهم لك .و والي فيك الابعدين .و عادي فيك الاقربين .و اداب نفسه في تبليغ رسالتك .و اتعبها بالدعاء الي ملتك .و شغلها بالنصح لاهل دعوتك .و هاجر الي بلاد الغربة ، و محل النأي عن موطن رحله ، و موضع رجله ، و مسقط رأسه ، و مأنس نفسه ، ارادة منه لاعزاز دينك ، و استنصارا علي اهل الكفر بك .حتي استتب له ما حاول في اعدائك .و استتم له ما دبر في اوليائك .فنهد اليهم مستفتحا بعونك ، و متقويا علي ضعفه بنصرك .فغزاهم في عقر ديارهم .و هجم عليهم في بحبوحة قرارهم .حتي ظهر امرك ، و علت كلمتك ، و لو كره المشركون .اللهم فارفعه بما كدح فيك الي الدرجة العليا من جنتك .حتي لا يساوي في منزلة ، و لا يكافأ في مرتبة ، و لا يوازيه لديك ملك مقرب ، و لا نبي مرسل .و عرفه في اهله الطاهرين و امته المؤمنين من حسن الشفاعة اجل ما وعدته .يا نافذ العدة ، يا وافي القول ، يا مبدل السيئات باضعافها من الحسنات إنك ذو الفضل العظيم .






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