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Imam to Muslims: Avoid going to US

SHAFAQNA – An imam is imploring his fellow Muslims to avoid travelling to the United States following President Donald Trump’s travelling ban on seven Muslim-majority countries.

Imam Nazim Hosein, of the Presyal Mosque, commented on the controversial issue when he was called to deliver prayers on behalf of the Muslim faith at a function at the Oilfield Workers Trade Union’s (OWTU) headquarters in San Fernando yesterday.

Digressing from his prayer to speak on the issue, Hosein said the US was built on the free labour of people from South Africa and what was happening now was unfortunate.

Saying that the workers were oppressed, he said: “That country today has been built on labour, free labour, and today Muslims want to come to your land and yet you ban them. It shows what the world is like and advantage will never stop until someone takes a stand.”

Hosein made it clear that he will not be travelling to the US as he “does not care to go to” there as Trinidad “is to nice.”

“I am imploring Muslims, turn away, there is no need to go to that place. It is important for us to realise that.”

Speaking afterwards, Hosein said he did not want to come across as harsh, but felt that locals should be cautious and avoid going to the US at this time.

“If you go now as a Muslim you will be faced with problems because of the new administration. So rather than confront the situation we should avoid it, but if it is necessary for you to go then go.”

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