Importance of Shia-Sunni unity stressed


SHAFAQNA – An Iranian Sunni religious leader says Shia and Sunni Muslims should rely on their commonalities, unity, and moderation. Leader of Zahedan Sunni community Friday prayers Molavi Abdulhamid urged the followers of the two Islamic thoughts to avoid extremism and observe laws. Our security, he said, lies in our unity and extremists grow only when religious freedoms are challenged. ‘Tolerance will make it hard for the extremists in both two religious thoughts to grow and moderation will be strengthened as the correct Islamic approach,’ said the Islamic theologian.

In the current juncture that the Muslim world is faced with anxiety and disunity, any Muslim who strives for solidarity should be welcomed, he added. ‘We believe that the overwhelming majority of Iran’s Sunni community are moderates; of course, there are some radicals among Shia and Sunni Muslims but we try to convince them that the best way to surmount the difficulties is resorting to laws and dialog.’ He said the Sunni community in Iran is an opportunity for the Islamic Republic and there is Islamic and national fraternity between the Shia and Sunni Muslims.

Source : By IRNA


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