In the name of God, the most Merciful and Compassionate – Divine love

SHAFAQNA – Back at the time of the Prophet Muhammad, a Bedouin found on his way home a couple of helpless little birds, abandoned without shelter under the heat of the desert. Feeling sorry for the animals, the man picked them both up in a handkerchief, planning to take them back home to his home where he would care for them.

As he walked on, the man soon noticed a bird flying above him, shrieking and shrieking as he circled around his caravan, diving towards the makeshift nest he has made the two birds. Guessing it was the mother calling for her babies, the man quickly opened the handkerchief to reveal the two babies.

Quick as a flash the mother bird descended upon her chicks to protect and shield them, oblivious to the dangers the man could have posed her. Impressed by the courage and love of the animal for her own, he went to meet the Prophet Muhammad to relay the events.

As he told the prophet of the mother bird’s tenacity and determination to not abandoned her own, regardless of the dangers, the Prophet Muhammad turned to the Bedouin with tears in his eyes saying: “Just if you knew that the love Allah has toward his servants is a thousand times greater than the love this bird has for her chicks…”

As we walked through life let us remember that it is by His love, and by His grace that we are. And that as long as we remember the boundless love He has for us, h

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