Inciting Muslims for terrorism: Shafaqna Exclusive

SHAFAQNA- Twelve people lost their lives in an attack on Charlie Hebdo, apparently the motives behind this attack were to avenge mock of Islam made by Charlie Hebdo. Despite a deadly attack, Charlie Hebdo refused to shun its old bad ways and this week’s edition of Charlie Hebdo will defiantly feature more caricatures targeting Islam. The two gunmen who slaughtered 12 people in their attack on Charlie Hebdo’s offices last Wednesday, including five of its top cartoonists and three other staff members, claimed as they left the scene that they had “avenged the Prophet Mohammed” (PBUH). That was a reference to the fury expressed in some Muslim countries over past Mohammed (PBUH) cartoons which Charlie Hebdo had printed.

The announcement to repeat its nefarious designs by mocking Islam once again is simply an attempt to invite few among two billion Muslims to once again attack them. Definitely if an Muslim justifies Holocaust and says murder of Jews could be justified, he is liable to be punished in Europe or his argument on any forum would simply censored and Similarly if a Muslims argues that White people are racist and hate negroes, Still an apartheid is going on, he will be declared Racist by Western world but there is no punishment or label in ridiculing Islam. Religion and Belief is thing on which several wars have been fought and definitely Charlie Hebdo is inviting Muslim ire by its condemnable acts. No one from West would condemn it , No one from West will call it abuse of freedom of Speech but When Charlie Hebdo will be attacked again they will certainly call Muslims Terrorists.

Fayyaz Ahmed Mughal

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