Insufferable ignorance – Katie Hopkins’s bias against Muslims takes dangerous proportion

SHAFAQNA – Katie Hopkins, ever the self-publicist, has done it again. In the desire to play to an audience that is distrustful of Muslims and who may never have taken the time to get to know Muslims, Hopkins has once again, pushed the boundaries in packaging Muslims as being deviant.

Hopkins states:

“Muslim men raping white women is consistent with the teaching of Islam. Revoke their citizenship and deport the bastards. Asian my arse.”

The tweet infers that Muslims (note that she makes no distinction between Muslims), rape white women and that it is a religious directive of sorts. The text is clear on the following. That Islam teaches Muslim men to rape white women. On this point, there is no wiggle room on the tweet. It is clear.

Tell Mama, an organization which stands in the defense and protection of Muslims in the UK, while advocating tolerance and interfaith harmony took note of the matter, and decided to alert the authorities towards such public fearmongering.

A long time trouble-maker, Ms Hopkins has made a career of being offensive and flamboyantly brash – a British female Donald Trump, the columnist/commentator sees herself as the voice of Britain, the vessel of society’s discontent … I dare say many of us would like to see and hear less of her!

Tell Mama writes in a statement: “Taking this point alone, the statement does not stand up and if we were to use the same logic, it could be said that Christian men were raping Muslim women in Bosnia in line with the teaching of the Christian church. Not only would such a statement by inflammatory, it would also be wrong. Whilst it could be strongly argued that the Church in Serbia sanctioned the brutal war against Croatia and Bosnia and in some instances, specific churches and priests sanctioned the use of brutal violence and sexual violence against Muslims in Bosnia, suggesting that Christianity drove such a lust for rape against Muslim women in Bosnia would be incendiary and deeply inflammatory. Yet, you can see the support for such rhetoric that is out there on social media which is deeply troubling and worrying.

Hopkins also plays to the ‘impulsive’, ‘uncontrollable’, and ‘sexually predatory’ tropes that were associated with the Black man who was enslaved in plantations and which has been a constant in the framing of men from non-white communities. Native Americans were also framed in this way, Jews were framed in this way in Germany in the 1930’s and young African Caribbean men were and continue to be framed in this way since they arrived in our country in the 1950’s.

So there is nothing different here, yet it must also be acknowledged that the activities in Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford need to be looked at in light of the perpetrators and we must stand front and centre with the victims who suffered the most brutal abuse and worst still, being denied justice for so many years. It is telling that Hopkins chooses not to stand on this point but to punch buttons around all Muslims being potential rapists.

We would also like to add that we will be writing to the Metropolitan Police Service today on this material. This is not a one-off and there are a series of tweets that have been made before that are deeply troubling. Furthermore, we will be writing to Twitter to take action in relation to accounts that promote such wide sweeping bigoted statements and which are more about playing to an audience, than remembering about the victims of such abuse who deserve our support.”

Violence it needs to be said can, and should never be the answer, as it only serves to breed more pain, anguish and calls for retaliation. The difficult part of course is to actually understand that we need as a society to rise above violence, and answer crimes with reason.

Islam does not preach, or teach violence against women – if anything Islam protects and affirms women’s rights …. it is men which have failed to abide by God’s commands. Blame therefore falls not on Islam but those individuals who chose to give in to violence and criminality.

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna


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