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Interfaith Effort Works to Beautify Philadelphia Mosque

SHAFAQNA- People were dabbing paint onto sections of fabric that, within the next several months, will cover the mosque’s huge north wall with colorful geometric designs and faux arches – a complement to the murals and tiles created in 2004 that now cover the mosque’s front facade and part of its south wall.

The murals speak to the community. They say this building at Germantown Avenue and Jefferson Street is most definitely Islamic – vivid, bright, welcoming.

“I’m here because I want to learn,” said Suhaib Elbakhadaoui, a seventh grader at McCall School, ready to help. “Instead of sitting at home, I’d rather come here and meet more Muslims and learn about them. This is beautiful.”

Kenney was there because he has been at Aqsa many times, and while this visit had been scheduled before the West Philadelphia shooting Thursday night of a police officer by a supposed supporter of ISIL radicals, the violent incident gave his visit added meaning.

Kenney wanted to say simply, “We’re all God’s children.” And he did.

As he has previously, Kenney denounced the shooting as a violent, lawless act.

“It was an individual act of criminality,” the mayor said. “It was not an act of religion.”


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