International Court of Justice take notice of Al-Saud dynasty’s atrocities on Ayatullah Nimr, Allama Ameen Shahidi



Addressing to the celebration of ‘Molood Kabah’ (Hazrat Ali who born in Kaba) organized under the auspices of an AhleSunnat (Berlavi) outfit Tehreek Wahdat Islami’, Central Deputy Secretary General Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen Paksitan Allama Muhammad Ameen Sahidi said that Al-Saud dynasty is becoming the cause of split in Muslim nation.

Saudi government who is engaged in a war to maintain its hegemony in Yemen is itself facing an internal revolt, it has put renowned Shia cleric Ayatullah Sheikh Baqir Al Namar behind bar by adopting brutal practices and now preparations have been completed to hang him.

He warned that hanging of Ayatullah Baqir Al Namar will become the death trap for Al-Saud dynasty. He demanded from United Nation, human right organization and International Court of Justice that they should take notice of undue arrest of Ayatullah Baqiar Al Namar, serious atrocities and decision to hang him and release him forthwith.


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