Int’l Quran contest creates movement in Islamic societies in line with the holy book: Ayatollah Kaabi


SHAFAQNA – The representative of Khuzestan Province at the Assembly of Experts said that the international Quran Competition can create an international movement in the Islamic world, it can unify the Muslims.

Ayatollah Abbas Kaabi, in an interview with the news staff at the 32nd international Quran competition, said that although the international treaties and conventions signed by the states are meant to create peace for the world, they all fail. That is because the parties have their own hidden agenda, Kaabi said.

“This is while the Holy Quran is a sacred treaty that goes beyond anyone’s tribe, ethnic background and faith. It includes everyone.” Kaabi added.

Quran is a sacred agreement, Ayatollah Kaabi said, that all Islamic societies must act upon its teachings and walk on the path of unity.

Kaabi called Quran’s diplomacy best and said, “Quran offers true and eternal life to Muslims.”


Sources – ABNA


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