Introduce God to me

SHAFAQNA – A man came to Imam Sadeq (AS) and said: Introduce God to me because I am confused by others explanations. Imam Sadeq (AS) asked that man: Have you ever been on a ship? That man answered: yes. Imam (AS) asked: Have you ever been involved in an accident whilst you were traveling on a ship and there were no other ships or rescuers around to save you? The man answered: Yes. Imam (AS) asked: At that time, did you feel that there is a power that can save you from this frightening situation? That man replied: Yes. Imam Sadeq (AS) continued: This is God that can save you when there is no rescue and answer your cry for help where no one else can hear your cry [1].

[1] Beharul Anwaar by Mohammad Baqer Majlesi, Vol. 3, page 37.

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