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Iran Ambassador: Iran wants to end dependence on oil

SHAFAQNA – Iran’s Ambassador to Mexico Jalal Kalantari said Iran is performing resistance economy and wants to end dependence on oil in the next 15 years.

In an interview with the Mexican newspaper El Manana, Kalantari gave his evaluation of President Hassan Rouhani’s one and a half years in office, saying the president managed to make the economy grow from a state of recession so that organizations such as International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have predicted a growth between 1.5 to 2.2 percent for Iran economy in 2015.

The ambassador said Iran is performing a model of economy called resistance economy in which maximum exploitation of domestic potentials in agriculture and industry is stressed.

‘Gradually, we have to forget our natural resources and instead rely on innovations of our young generation. We are on top of scientific progress in the Middle East and West Asia and we rank 15 in the world.

‘Unfortunately, there are countries which use oil as a political tool, so Iran tries to reduce its independence on oil. For instance, in the budget plan of 1394 ( March 21, 2015- March 21,2016), oil share is only 25 percent. We plan not to export oil in future, instead we want to change oil into petrochemicals.’

To a question about the most worrying problem in the region, the ambassador said the most important challenges which regional countries face are terrorism and extremism which are not regional problems but international ones.

‘Unfortunately, there is not a precise definition of terrorism and certain countries define it on the basis of their own interests,’ said Ambassador Kalantari.

On relations with Mexico and Latin America, the ambassador said the region is teeming with economic, political, and social potentials and there are no obstacles in the way of relations between Iran and Mexico.


Source: IRNA




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