Iran economic growth hits 4 percent

SHAFAQNA – President Hassan Rouhani said Iran experienced a 4 percent economic growth in the first half of the current calendar year .He said this meant the advent of a new era of economic prosperity for the nation.

President Rouhani said his government has managed to lower the inflation rate to 17 percent.

He stressed that the inflation rate has dropped to 17 percent from the 40 percent at the beginning days of his office 16 months ago.

He referred to the high inflation rate as a big problem which his government has been working to tackle since the early days of its formation.

He referred to recession and lack of economic prosperity as major problems the country was suffering from, saying that the economic growth rate was negative.

This is the first time the country is having a positive economic growth of 4 percent after two years of recession and negative rates.

A total of 100 million cubic meters of gas, he added, will be added to the country’s production per day by the end of the current year (to end March 20, 2015).

The President also assured the nation that Iran will certainly surpass the problem of global decline of oil prices as well.

“Certainly, our nation is the winner of all scenes and we can leave behind (defuse) all plots with unity and integrity,” he added.


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