Iran Parliament Speaker: Nuclear deal not out of reach

SHAFAQNA – Iranian speaker of Parliament said Iran continues the N-talks based on its principles and standards and if the other side does not sabotage the procedure with absurd reasons, reaching a deal could be expected.

Ali Larijani, meeting with Croatian foreign minister, deemed Iran-Croatia relations as good and historical and emphasized that both countries possess great capacities to develop the ties regarding economic, political and industrial fields.

He also stressed the necessity of parliamentary cooperation in facilitating the process of expanding ties on any possible field.

The official meanwhile touched upon the nuclear talks and Iran’s nuclear program and highlighted that Iran continues the negotiations based on its normative principles and that reaching an agreement was not out of expectation.

Vesna Pusić, for her part, expressed pleasure over visiting Iran and said Croatia also sought expansion of its ties and cooperation with Iran in different fields of politics, economy, trade and industry.

She stated “as a new member of EU, Croatia is ready to help the nuclear negotiations advance properly and hopes the issue to be resolved far from bias and injustice on the direction of spreading peace and stability to the world.”

Croatian FM, meanwhile, warned against spread of terrorism as a threat and emphasized on the necessity of maintaining cohesive and solid decisions to fight it.





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