Iran President: Human civilization “big loser” among religious minorities

SHAFAQNA – President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday condemned insults to holy Prophet of Islam (Peace Be Upon Him) as well as desecration of mosques and restricting religious minorities in certain countries, noting accepting insults to sanctities of other divine religion is not tolerable.

Commenting on recent offenses against Muslims’ sanctities, the President regretted in a cabinet session today that the emerging international tendency towards multiculturalism is seriously in danger due to the new waves of Islamophobia and xenophobia.

He warned Western states that human civilization would be the “big loser” of the present confrontations among religious minorities.

“The present civilization owes its existence to all Abrahamic religions including Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

“In the recent decades, one of the achievements of the policy of multiculturalism in the West was improvement of tolerance towards Muslim minorities which unfortunately is facing serious threats due to the new waves of Islamophobia and xenophobia,” said the President.

He stressed, it is not tolerable to accept insulting to sanctities of one religious minority while considers opposition to another minority as a big crime.

Meanwhile, he called on world Muslims “to avoid shedding innocent bloods or disgracing the holy Prophet of Islam (Peace Be Upon Him) in the name of Islam.”

“This is the duty of Muslims to express their collective protests in a peaceful way so that everyone will understand that Muslims would neither ignore their identity nor would they allow others to misuse their sentiments.”

President Rouhani also criticized those who act in line with the enemies of Iran and talk about failure of the government’s economic plans as well as lack of interests by foreign investors to enter the Iranian market.

Referring to those criticisms as “baseless propaganda,” the President said that his administration would “seriously continue its move towards having constructive interaction with world countries.”

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