Iran President: “The exhibition of cultural heritage will eliminate Iranophobia “

SHAFAQNA – President Rouhani has attended the unveiling ceremony of Iranian antiques transferred from Belgium at the National Museum of Iran Saturday morning.

President Rouhani stressed the significance of the artifacts currently being kept at various museums across the country and said, “These artifacts reveal various aspects of Iran’s great civilization several thousand years ago. The more we can introduce our cultural heritage to the world, the better the public opinions will recognize Iran’s position in the past and its rightful and proper position at present.”

“Many instances of anti-Iran sentiments and accusations will be cleared away through showcasing these historic artifacts to the world,” he said.

President said the historical items shed light on the lives of people in ancient times.

He said such items are of prime importance and sublime role in introducing the rich Iranian civilization and culture to the world.

He noted that exhibition of this kind helped eliminate Iranophobia and many other accusations.

The president believed that necessary measures should be taken to enable the whole world to become familiar with such items Iran possesses.


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