Iran President to visit Ayatollah Sistani in visit to holy shrines


SHAFAQNA – Sources have confirmed this March 24th, 2016 that Iran President Hassan Rouhani will visit Iraq, and perform an official to the shrines at a time when both Iran and Iraq have discuss bilateral rapprochement, and a common regional stance against terror.

Iran which has had a difficult history with Baghdad back when President Saddam Hussein was in power, is now looking to Iraq as a powerful partner, and ally in the region.

As for Iraq it has found in Tehran a source of political and tactical support against radicalism. At such a time when the Greater Middle East has been thrown in the middle of a furious terror storm, plagued by insecurity, and sectarian-based violence, Tehran has acted a strong council, and shoulder to lean on.

President Rouhani’s visit to Islam holy shrines and his expected meeting with high ranking clerics suchas Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani – Iraq’s most revered and prominent religious authorities, are absolutely pivotal.

It is important to note here that it was under Ayatollah Sistani’s impetus that Iraq successfully raised a voluntary cross-sectarian popular force against Daesh, and thus managed to break radicals’ advances in Iraq.

Such a rapprochement in between Iran and Iraq will undoubtedly have strong positive repercussions across the region, and allow for new partnerships to be formed.


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