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Iran president’s message on crime of killing three US Muslim students

SHAFAQNA – President Hassan Rouhani has condemned the horrific crime of killing of three US Muslim students.

The message by president called for global movement against the root causes of the violence and fighting hatred toward religion. The message condemned the killing of three Muslim students and offered condolences to the bereaved families, and ‘all free men and women and supporters of human rights.’

“It is rightly expected that all authorities exercise their best attempt to protect the rights of all citizens including Muslims; the horrific (and flabbergasting as well) crime of killing of these students is a despicable act worthy of condemnation, and a manifestation of the danger that violence and extremism have spread all venues of life,” the message read. “The preliminary reports are very disturbing for their depiction of the motivations behind the crime as hatred of Islam and religion in general; violence and violating the human glory and honor, either by any pretext in the name of religion or attacking the religion itself is to violate the most sublime ethical principles and religious teachings of all heavenly religions,” the message emphasized.

“Those who cultivate hatred of Islam, willy-nilly, will harvest violence in society; the time has come now to fight violence and examine the roots of crimes fed by hatred of religion by participation of all thinkers, reformers, the civil society and the governments, to free the international community of 21st century of the burden of this shame,” said the president in the message.


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