Iran stresses territorial right to three Persian Gulf islands

The Iranian envoy stressed that the remark by the Emirati foreign minister was a clear case of meddling in Iran’s domestic affairs.

SHAFAQNA– Tehran – Iran’s representative to the United Nations General Assembly stressed Iran’s territorial right to its three Persian Gulf islands.

The move was in reaction to the worn out claims of the foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

He reiterated Iran’s right to the three islands, namely the Greater and Lesser Tunbs and Abu Mussa.

In his recent speech in the United Nations, the UAE foreign minister voiced protest against hoisting of Iran’s flag in the three islands.

The UAE official also called on an international court to deal with the disputed case between the two countries.

The Iranian UN representative further underlined the need to maintain friendly neighboring ties between the two nations and called on the UAE officials to help resolve bilateral differences through dialogue and exchange of views.


Source: IRNA


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