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Iranian Foreign Minister: Lifting all sanctions essential for deal with P5+1

SHAFAQNA – Mohammad Javad Zarif reiterated that easing all sanctions is the essential part of any agreement between Iran and G5+1.

“Lifting all sanctions is an essential part of any agreement,” he said in a letter to his counterparts across the world, noting that resorting to sanctions hinders any long-term comprehensive deal, and that the approach “caused that the Join Action Plan has failed to regain the trust of Iranian nation,”.

Zarif also continued that the country had and would resist against illegitimate and humiliating demands and would strongly reject them.

Meanwhile, he referred to Iran’s solutions to settlement of nuclear issue, and said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has presented practical, balanced and realistic solutions, and we have shown the strong will of the Islamic Republic of Iran for reaching a fair and logical agreement based on mutual interests and respect.”

Iranian foreign minister reiterated that Iran is neither seeking nor needing nuclear weapons. “In our opinion, nuclear weapons belong to past and have lost their efficiency and are unable to establish foreign security or internal stability.”

Elsewhere, regarding Iranian enrichment program, he said, “The restrictions should not include unreasonable ones which aim to limit Iranian nuclear program to a show program. This is neither practical nor realistic.”




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