Iranian Police Chief revealed more details about the hostage taker in Australia

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – In a press conference in Tehran on Tuesday (16 Dec.), Chief Commander of Police in Iran revealed some new details about the hostage taker in Sydney. He said: This person had a travel agency in 1996 and was involved in fraud, so he escaped to Malaysia and from there to Australia. We sent all the document to Australian Police but they refused to return him because there was no agreement between two countries to return criminals.

The Chief Commander Ahmadi Moqaddam added: The Australian Police are acting today based on the information we gave to them and they are claiming he is that person. We are ready to cooperate on this case, Australian Police can send the DNA of the hostage taker and we will then investigate to fully identify him. The Chief Commander stressed: This case showed that lack of cooperation between countries can lead to such events.

Ahmadi explained: The hostage taker was involved in fraud and to become a refugee, he claimed political asylum and pretended he was a clergy, even changing his name. The whole situation seems like a play with hidden hands behind the curtain, we are not saying Australia is involved in this but western countries trying to escape the blame for their lack of efforts combating terrorists. The Chief Commander of Police in Iran said: The crimes today are beyond the borders of countries and if there are no cooperation then we should expect these types of events.

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