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“Saudi Arabia seeks war with Iran”, Iran’s former military commander:

SHAFAQNA- Mohsen Rezaei, Iran’s former military commander stated in his Instagram posting that Saudi Arabia is following the path of Saddam to go to war with Iran.

He stated as follows:

“The young and inexperienced Saudi defence minister has stated recently that “A wise man doesn’t go to war with Iran”.

Mr. Bin Salman,

We told you few months ago not to follow the path of Saddam Hussein but now you are just doing what he did before the war with Iran; getting along with rebels and anti-iranian islamic movement, martyring Ayatollah Sadr and his sister, and then cutting diplomatic ties with Iran.

You have already gotten along with Takfiris and rebels, you killed Ayatollah Nimr and continue killing shias. you cut your ties with Iran, you missile attacked Iran embassy in Yemen and keep saying that you are not going to war!

you may not know this is the path that leads to war or you know but you are going to take the spotlights off yourselves.

you are going to actually prevent your sharply stocks fall and hold the oil price down!

Again, I recommend you to stop feeling adventurous in the Persian Gulf and thinking about war. “

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