Iran’s position on nuclear negotiations

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- Iran’s Mohammad Javad Zarif has published an article in Austrian ‘Society’ magazine to defend Iran’s position on nuclear negotiations.

Zarif has emphasized in the article that Iranian government as well as nation would not abandon their undisputed rights bestowed on them by the virtue of being a member of international community, and “they will not be demoralized by the malign intensions of the knights of the dark and filth,” reads part of the article.

The article titled aptly ‘Intertwined Foundations of Global Peace and Security,’ was published on Friday, where Zarif made an attempt to defend Iran’s position in the nuclear negotiations with the 5+1. “The reality is that the viewpoint advocated by the Islamic Republic of Iran and especially by President Rouhani lends much respect to Austrian Republic and is well rooted in historical and cultural ties between two nations; the officials of both countries have a good political resolve to improve bilateral relations, and the grounds have been ready for this feat,” reads the article, “I believe that we would envisage grand vistas and new horizons for bilateral relations with such capacities now available,” adds Zarif.

“The international arena is a bonanza of opportunities for all countries; however, it would be an unfortunate source of challenges as well; no longer were local conflicts specific to countries where they emerge, and they would go beyond the region, sending shockwaves to the far countries and regions,” Zarif wrote elsewhere in the article. “As the world has been smaller and closer in terms of integration as a result of revolutionary innovations and technologies of information, it has faced with vexing problems global in scope and impact, which would not be solved without bilateral and multilateral cooperation and regional and international convergence and mutual trust among different nations,” he emphasized.

“The very fact of dialogue is among the many indispensible strategies for all governments and countries who think of a world secure for humanity and free of violence,” wrote FM.

Commenting on the most critical and tense situations in many regions of the world especially in the Middle East, Zarif criticized the general disregard for historical necessities of the global threats; “those who would deem history a bunch of papers in the mercy of overwhelming events of the distant past, would well understand that these threats are not to be restricted to specific geographical place they emerge; mass migrations to the west, threatening and unregulated as it may be, signals us the dangers embedded in the insecurity and poverty; it is all too obvious that the blind and indiscriminate acts of terrorism and extremism roaming the countries of the region spill over to regions once believed untapped by these threats; the sheer diversity and plurality of ethnicities in the terrorist groups is a clear testimony of this fact, the handling of which requires prudence, cooperation and a wise position by the leaders of the countries,” continues the article.

Zarif calls on the international community to recognize the respect for shared and collective values of humanity and for international conventions regarding the human dignity of all nations and governments as the essential ingredients to build a stronghold of peace; “denigration, humiliation, and sanctions would not help in such enterprise; and more stable and sustainable mechanisms would be necessary where the interests of all should be taken into account; this is our true belief that prosperity and development of nations around the world are closely related, and drawing upon these premises, we emphasize on the principles of constructive dialogue and joint attempts to create a secure world,” Zarif noted.

Zarif reiterated the undisputed nuclear rights of Iran, emphasizing that Iranian government and nation would not give in to the pressures by ‘knights of the dark and filth’ in their quest for peaceful nuclear energy; “hwever, Iranians have been a peace-seeking nation and would seek hands of others to shake for peace; such hands are truly worthy of being shaken,” wrote Zarif, concluding his article with expressing gratitude to Austrian government and people, and the country’s foreign minister and his deputies who “did their best to successfully hold the sessions.”



Source: Mehrnews


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