IRNA/ Rouhani ensures achieving compromise in nuclear talks

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – In nuclear negotiations the two sides will for sure reach mutual understanding and such a compromise will be based on the win-win rule, said President Hassan Rouhani here Monday night.

“The people now feel that the era of high turbulences in their foreign relations is over, and that is while the nuclear negotiations is a part of our foreign relations,” said President Rouhani in his 5th live TV report to the people.

He said that the big world powers are now volunteers for talks with high-ranking Iranian officials and the country’s foreign policy has taken a long stride forward.

“Reaching a final agreement (in the nuclear field) is a major task. There is now agreement over the general points with the 5+1 Group (the 5 UN Security Council permanent members plus Germany) and Iran’s nuclear right is today officially recognized,” said the president.

Rouhani said that there are still differences of opinion over certain details and it cannot be predicted precisely when the final agreement will be achieved, but there is no doubt that Iran’s return to the conditions it experienced a year ago in that respect is not possible.



Source: IRNA


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