Irna: Zarif, Kerry, Ashton end 7 hour trilateral meeting

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association) The extent of uranium enrichment, schedule for lifting the anti-Iranian sanctions, and the duration time needed to achieve the comprehensive nuclear agreement were among the issues discussed in the trilateral meeting before tomorrow’s session of the Sextet with Iran.

Iranian delegation’s talks with the Sextet are scheduled for 11 am, today (Thursday), presided by the Iranian foreign minister and the EU foreign policy chief.

The Iranian delegation that held talks with the US delegation throughout Wednesday is also scheduled to have bilateral meetings with the Chinese and the Russian representatives on Thursday morning.

The 8th round of talks between Iran and the Sextet began on Tuesday this week in Vienna with a round of talks among the deputies of Zarif, Kerry and Ashton, followed by a round of talks between the Iranian and US technicians.

Zarif and Ashton then had a bilateral talk, followed by talks in the presence of their deputies over a working dinner.

On Wednesday, the trilateral Zarif-Kerry-Ashton talks began and the three sides pursued them in three rounds after short breaks.

Their talks over the remaining points of difference finally ended after the passage of some seven hours.


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