IS executes 8 men in “al-Furat state”

SHAFAQNA – SOHR was informed that the IS executed 4 men from al-Bokamal city ( including 3 from one family ), in addition to 4 Iraqi men few days ago, after clothing them in Orange in the Iraqi section of al-Furat state, the Syrians were executed in the charge of belonging to Ahrar al-Sham, fighting against the IS after, and participating in detaining a “brother ” and torturing him, while the Iraqi men were executed in different charges. The IS beheaded the men after executing them.

SOHR also received a copy of a videotape showing IS fighters surrounding a rebel fighter after detaining him earlier, preparing to execute him in the charge of “al-Radda”, the rebel fighter was saying ” Ok whatever you want, but I want to pray “, The IS fighters refused to let him pray and executed him with a knife in Damascus southern countryside.

Source : SOHR

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