Is Pak-Russia strategic alliance possible: Shafaqna Exclusive

SHAFAQNA PAKISTAN (Shia News Agency) – According to real politics, nations thrive on their personal interests rather than any feeling of friendship or foe. In famous words of Henry Kissinger” There is no permanent friend or enemy in the politics but friends”. Pakistan and Russia though stand at two opposite poles and despite Pakistan’s strategic alliance with US in 1979 to throw out USSR from Afghanistan, Russia always remained keen to have cordial ties with Pakistan and same is the case with Pakistan.


The urge to have Pakistan as strategic ally seems all time high after India unprecedently struck arms deal with US, at a time when Russia is facing alienation in the international community after Ukraine crisis, Indian predilection towards US has made Russia dismayed. But on the other hand Pakistan sees US as a balancing force in the region and only country that provides him hard cash and funds to run its day to day affairs. While General Raheel Sharif’s recent visit to US has made Pakistan’s intentions very much clear that It cannot break its alliance with US in order to counter India’s hegemonic intentions.


After White House statement denying Pakistan’s involvement in attack on Indian para-military forces show that General Raheel Sharif has succeeded to win the US interest after launching a disastrous operation in North Waziristan and an indiscriminate operation against Haqqani group, the adversary of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. Thus in current scenario it seems quite impossible

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