Is soul-searching necessary?

SHAFAQNA – A human being should allocate a time during the day in order to disconnect from everything around and pay attention just to himself/herself. Think about own situation and make decisions about deeds which must be done, think about what has been done in the past, assess the friends whom he/she socially associates with them, assess the kind of books are read; think about all of these.

For example after a book is read, think about it, what was the effect of the book on me? Was this effect good or bad? This way a person will be more careful about choosing the next book. A human being has not enough time to read all the books in the world, therefore, he/she chooses the books to read.

Also regarding friends and companions, human being should have the choice and choosing without thinking is meaningless. A human being should think what are the benefits of friendship with some people? Good or bad? One should think about own personal deeds and their effects on himself/herself and find out what are the benefits of those deeds? It is important that whatever a person decides to do, first think about it and then make a decision [1].

[1] Marty Morteza Motahhari’s Book Collection, Vol. 22, Page 766.

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