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Is there any limit to patience?

SHAFAQNA – The late Sheikh Jaafar Kasheful Qeta’a is one of the greatest Shia scholars. It is narrated from him, saying: If all the Shia jurisprudence books are thrown in the river and they find their way to the sea, and not even a single page is available, I have in my chest from the first to the last page of Shia jurisprudence; I will send them out to be re-written.

Other scholars and his companions realized his wife was not treating him well but they did not know the full story. Later on, it was realized that this great scholar gets beaten by his wife. One day a few of his companions came to see him and said: We have heard a story which we wanted to ask you, does your wife beat you? He replied: Yes, she is an Arab and very strong, whenever she gets angry, she beats me and I cannot do anything about it as I am not as strong.

They said: Divorce her. He replied: I will not do that. They said: Let us send our wives to teach her a lesson. He said: I will not allow this. They asked why? He replied: This woman is one of the greatest Divine Blessings to me, because when I come out to lead the congregational prayers in the shrine of Imam Ali (AS) and others stand behind me, sometimes this Divine Blessing may affect my soul, that time I come home to be beaten, and then desires of the soul go away! This is a Divine Beating, this must be there [1].

[1] Ketabe Nafs, Sheikh Ansarian, Page 328.

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