Is this world good or bad?

SHAFAQNA – There are two worlds for the human being; the good world and the bad world. The good world is like an agricultural land/a farm that can be used to attain provision for a blissful life in the hereafter; and the bad world is when the heart and the mind of the human being are attached to this world. As the attachment (of the human being) to the world increases, the distance between God and the human being also increases [1]. Sheikh Sadooq narrated from Abu Ali Rayyan ibn Salt Ash’ari Qomi who said: Imam Reza (AS) recited a poem from Abdul Mottaleb (RA) for me which translated: All people blame the world, but the blame is on us, not the world. We are in fault in this world. If we did not exist, there was no fault in the world. If the world could speak, would have criticized us. Indeed, the wolf does not eat wolf’s meat, but some human beings, eat other human beings publicly [2].

[1] Chehel Hadith, Page 121.

[2] Montahul Aamaal, Vol. 2, page 426.

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