Date :Tuesday, January 12th, 2016 | Time : 12:14 |ID: 25756 | Print

ISIL targets Turkey – Backlash says political analyst

SHAFAQNA – Turkish President Recep Erdogan confirmed this morning that the bomb attack in Istanbul this January 12, 2016 was carried out and commandeered by ISIL militants.

Marwa Osman, a prominent political analyst told RT in an interview that today’s attack is a direct result of Turkey’s questionable policies vis a vis ISIL.

She argues that Erdogan’s exploitation of radicalism in Syria and Iraq to forward his own hegemonic agenda in the region is coming home to roost.

Since late November Russia has been keen to systematically expose Turkey’s government ties with Wahhabi radicals, offering an insight into ISIL which mainstream media always refused to look at.


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