“Islam hates Americans” says Donald Trump

SHAFAQNA – In an interview to CNN,  US Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, who has gained notoriety for incendiary rhetoric, claimed Islam harbours resentment towards the West.

“I think Islam hates us,” he warned. “We have to get to the bottom of it. There is an unbelievable hatred of us,” he added.

While indeed there has been much resentment across the Islamic World vis a vis Western powers, and America in particular, such sentiments have nothing to do with Islam, but rather the US’s propensity to wage war and promote imperialism outside their borders.

Asked whether he thought there was a “war between the West and Islam itself,” Trump said, “It’s radical, but it’s very hard to define. It’s very hard to separate. Because you don’t know who’s who.”

Mr Trump quite clearly has no understanding of Islam, or the Islamic World. Islam does not profess hatred against groups or communities, it calls for justice and condemns evil-doers.

If today many do in fact hate the US, it is because the US has been the source of much evil, much destruction, and much pain … faith does not come into the question. Whether Christians, or Muslims, Yazidis or Druzes, many in the Greater Middle East have taken offence to America’s violent exceptionalism, its desire to make other nations kneel to its will.
The billionaire businessman said last November that “something nasty” is coming out of Islam. Such statements I’m afraid say more about Trump’s nature than it does on anything else.

There is nothing “nasty” about Islam … there are however groups which continue to commit crimes in its name. Islam carries to Word of God …

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna

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