Islam propagates peace as the main principle in international relations (Part Seven)


2. Saleh the brother of Thamud: We sent to Thamud their brother Saleh [8]. (Remember) when their brother Saleh said: Will you not be pious [9].

3. Sho’ayb the brother of Madyan: We sent Madyan their brother Sho’ayb [10].

4. Noah the brother of his tribe: (Remember) when their brother Noah told them: Will you not be pious [11]?

5- Lut the brother of his tribe: (Remember) when their brother Lut told them: Will you not be pious [12]?

As it can be noticed in the above Ayahs, Allah (SWT) has called all the people of prophets as their brothers. The message of these Ayahs is that all the human beings are brothers of each other and if there are differences between them such as, religion, language, skin colour and their territories but these must not lead to any rights discrimination. From these Ayahs the plan for the unity of the international community and border cancellation can be drawn; exactly the same subject that currently has been mentioned in the Human Rights Charter.

[8] Ayah 45, Surah Al-Naml.
[9] Ayah 142, Surah Al-Sho’ara
[10] Ayah 85, Surah Al-A’araaf
[11] Ayah 106, Surah Al-Sho’ara
[12] Ayah 161, Surah Al-Sho’ara

Translated from Farsi text written by Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Mustafa Mohaqeq Damaad
To be continued

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