Islam propagates peace as the main principle in international relations (Part Two)

SHAFAQNA – It is obvious that the existence of dignity in human will not be completed without protecting freedoms in different shapes and forms, in particular, freedom of personality and freedom of taking possession which are the same as respecting life and property of human beings. Principles such as forbidding violating other’s rights and properties which are mentioned in Quran (such as Surah Al-Nesa, Ayah 29) indicate that Islam which accepts these principles cannot base the human relations on war, anger, dominance or enmity.

2. The principle of human equality

The Almighty has specified the principle of human equality in various Ayahs in Quran, for example, in Ayah 1 of Surah Al-Nesa: O’ People, heed your God who created you from one soul and created its mate from it and created many men and women from them. Ayah 28 of Surah Al-Luqman: Your creation and resurrection only with a single soul. And many other examples from Quran and narrations all indicate that equality is a main principle of Islam and contradictory methods which may have happened during the history will not alter this.

Translated from Farsi text written by Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Mustafa Mohaqeq Damaad

To be continued

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