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Islamic Center of England denounces Saudi Arabia over Sheikh al-Nimr’s execution

SHAFAQNA – On January 2sd, 2016, Saudi officials confirmed in a press release that Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a prominent Shia cleric and pro-democracy activist from Qatif, was executed alongside 46 other prisoners.

The news was received with an out-pour of grief, sorrow and disbelief …

Before such a senseless act of barbarity, before the killing of a righteous scholar and advocate of peace and tolerance, Islamic figures came forward to offer their warnings.

In exclusive comments to Shafaqna, Mohammad Bahmanpour from the Islamic Center of England stressed: “Ayatollah Sheikh al-Nimr was a voice for unity, justice and reform. He was a true example of a reformer who wanted nothing but the betterment of his people and correction of the way the rulers were behaving in his country. He never promoted violence but at the same time was not terrified by the violent treatment he received from the authorities. This was the reason for his popularity.

We are witnessing a trend in Saudi Arabia which we have witnessed throughout the history. Kings become dictators, dictators become despots, despots shed blood of the purest people of their community who advise them to be just, and at this moment they are seized and sent to the dustbin of history.”



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