Islamic World’s failure to determine priorities, leads to disunity of muslims

SHAFAQNA – A Saudi scholar and social activist said one of the main reasons behind discord in the Muslim world is a lack of success in determining priorities.

Dr Adnann al-Shakhs, who attended the 28th International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran last week, told IQNA that when priorities are not known, there will be focus on marginal and unimportant issues, which leads to discord.

He underlined that all Muslims should concentrate on fundamental issues and common grounds in order to strengthen unity.

Al-Shakhs hailed the Tehran conference as an event that can play a major role in boosting unity in the Muslim world.

He said the conference can certainly encourage change in Muslim world bodies and organization in order to better confront extremism, Takfirism and terrorism.

The Saudi scholar went on to say that the international event and events like it are definitely effective in promoting unity and moderation.

The 28th International Islamic Unity Conference was held in the Iranian capital on January 7-10. The theme of the event was “United Muslim Ummah: Challenges and Strategies”.

Hundreds of Sunni and Shia scholars and intellectuals from more than 60 countries took part in the three-day conference to discuss ways for promoting unity and solidarity in the Muslim world.



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