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Islamophobia stems from misconceptions – Italian Muslim conducts social experiment

SHAFAQNA – Hamdy Mahisen, a Muslim Italian of Egyptian descent conducted a socio-religious experiment on Thursday when he decided to walk the streets of Milan in full traditional Arabic clothing, Quran in hands.

Within minutes, Hamdy became the subject of cruel jokes, stares and racist comments, a manifestation he said of the profound bias Europeans carry against Islam and Muslims.

With Italy on high alert after intelligence reports coming from the UK confirmed that ISIS militants planned to infiltrate the European Union by ferrying men and weapons using Libya as a gateway to southern Europe, Italians said to be feel under threat from the Muslim community.

Islamophobia and anti-immigrant sentiment have risen across not just Italy but western European capitals as people have come to associate terror with foreign migrants and Islam.

In another racist-related incident in Italy this week, Muslim students were banned from wearing the headscarf as it was now deemed to be a “sign of provocation” as noted Aldo Duri, a the headmaster of a technical college in Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Italian officials refused to comment on the matter.

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