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Islamophobic Henry Jackson Society Attacks Britain’s Muslim Charities



Syed Mohsin Abbas
Muslim community leaders in Britain have condemned a new report published by the Henry Jackson Society (HJS) which they say is an outrageous attack on a substantial portion of the Muslim charitable sector in the UK. There is also, however, perhaps an even deeper and darker agenda lurking behind this neocon focus on the multimillion pound Muslim Charity industry. But are Muslim Charities themselves really fit for purpose and have they in fact failed Muslim communities in Britain?
Spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain ( MAB) said that “while those with the time and inclination to read through the 170+ page report will note the frivolity, superficiality and foolishness the report demonstrates throughout, the attack itself is outrageous because of its publisher.”
HJS, a charity itself, which came under attack in Parliament for refusing to disclose its donors, seems to be entirely dedicated to churning out anti-Muslim material and political propaganda dressed as research.
The MAB added in its official press release “that the HJS sees itself as a censor and regulator of Muslim institutions and behaviour in Britain is ludicrous enough, but when taking into account HJS’ own behaviour, this report becomes of pure comedic quality. However, when considering even the obnoxious title of the report; “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”, which could be deemed deeply racist and plays on anti-Muslim tropes of plots and disloyalty, one appreciates that this is far from being a laughing matter.
Meanwhile, the Muslim Charitable sector continues to win plaudits, including from Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, for its catering to the most generous and giving faith sector throughout British society. The attack from the likes of HJS, clearly irritated by the fact that British Muslims are performing so admirably in giving to those in need in Britain and around the world, will do little to deter either the Muslim charity sector or British Muslims.
MAB President, Anas Al Tikriti stated that  “it is absurd that an organisation of ill-repute such as the HJS could have the temerity to attack the Muslim charity sector in this manner, while itself unable to respond to accusations of lack of transparency and Islamophobia, if not clear-cut racism. This report underlines HJS and its mysterious backers’ absolute contempt for Muslims in Britain and its hatred for when they perform well, and is therefore, literally, not worth the many papers it is written on.”
The Muslim Association of Britain has called on the Charity Commission’s new Chair Baroness Stowell to ensure that attacks by entities such as HJS do not succeed in undermining the tremendous and indispensable work carried out by Muslim charities across all sectors of society.
On the flipside Muslim Charities are arguably also guilty of underestimating the scale of the neoconservative agenda against Muslim communities, and have failed miserably to address the real priorities of Muslims in Britain. Independent critics from the Initiative for Muslim Commumity Development  (IMCD) say that instead they have been focusing on generating ‘easy money’ by tugging at the heart strings with expensive campaigns against foreign poverty, earthquake disasters, and conflict-zone related issues using images of stricken Muslims abroad to expropriate khums zakat and sadaqa; which in turn has meant they have paid very little attention to the crisis Muslims face in Britain with challenges such as Islamophobia, drugs abuse, crime, mental health and youth identity.
Some leading Muslim Charities have also got undoubted links to religio political movements in the Muslim world too and the UK establishment, through the likes of HJS, will exploit any such connections as an excuse to move in on them.
The British neoconservative establishment are effectively now attempting to control the substantial charitable funds generated by UK Muslims by putting the heat on them through such reports as the HJS ‘s, as well as by utilizing Charities Commission and anti terror legislation.
It seems the hundreds of millions of pounds  generated annually by these Charities is now a battleground and neocons have recognized this valuable resource could be the springboard for a 21st century ‘intelligent’ Islam to manifest in Britain; or it could become a tool for these neocons and their secular liberal Muslims in tandem with their pseudo ‘Salafist’ agents to socio-politically and religiously engineer the future of a ‘neoliberal Islam’ in the secularists own  image, while using the takfiri political Salafists/ ‘terrorists’ as the bogeyman to justify their ‘muscular liberal’ engineering.
The current rigidity conservatism and lack of vision or imagination of most British based Muslim Charity institutions cannot really  hope to match the cunning of neocon strategies. Add to this that the alleged psyops being rolled out by government counter terror communications agencies such as RICU, also allegedly involving the funding of their own ‘Muslim’ Charitable fronts to compete with existing Charities, and the picture of a fierce cold war style battle for Muslim money begins to emerge.
Activists also allege large emerging Muslim Charities like Penny Appeal and many others are, like many other UK government financed  Muslim NGO’s, covertly supported or kick started and projected by British intelligence in order to control this Muslim economic resource pool. If this is true it does not bode well for British Muslims in the battle for against neoliberalisms encroachment on the hearts and minds of young Muslim children nor the future of their authentic Islamic identities.
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