Israel invests its millions in the UAE

SHAFAQNA – Israeli journalist and writer Yossi Melman has revealed the details of massive Israeli economic involvement in the UAE through security firms run by former Mossad, Shebak and other Israeli intelligence officials, Palestinian newspaper Al-Resalah has reported.

According to Melman, who specialises in security and intelligence affairs, these firms and businessmen are working in the field of security consultation and exportation of Israeli IT to the UAE.

Melman revealed the information in an article published by the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, noting that the most prominent Israeli businessman in the UAE is Mati Kokhabi.

According to Melman, Kokhabi has held deals worth millions of USD from the UAE, including defence equipment used for protecting gas and oil fields, as well as monitoring the borders.

One of the major managers in Kokhabi’s company is Amos Malka, the former chief of the Israeli military intelligence. Some of these businessmen travelled from Israel to the UAE and vice versa on a weekly basis. All these businesses were conducted by the consent of the defence ministry.

Melman also revealed that two other Israeli businessmen have ambitions to start new businesses in the UAE. David Midan and Afi Leumi have said that they visited the UAE recently for this purpose.

Melman said that Midan has headed several departments of the Mossad in the past and that Netanyahu assigned him as special envoy for prisoners and missing Israelis; he formed part of the negotiation team in the prisoner exchange with Gideon Shalit.

As for Leumi, Melman said that he was the founder, shareholder and the manager of an Israeli firm that manufactures unmanned planes and other defensive equipment.

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