Israeli forces break into Ibrahimi Mosque in al-Khalil

SHAFAQNA - Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) broke into al-Haram al-Ibrahimi Mosque in al-Khalil city in the southern West Bank on Tuesday.  

Local sources revealed that a group of IOF soldiers stormed the Ibrahimi Mosque in the afternoon amid intensive presence of Muslim worshipers.

The soldiers were roaming and laughing inside the mosque which provoked Muslims.

Along time ago, the Israeli forces divided the Ibrahimi Mosque after the well-known massacre against Palestinian worshipers inside the mosque in 1994.  Since then, the IOF soldiers as well as settlers have been storming the holy site without deterrence. 

On February 25 1994, a US-born Israeli military physician, Baruch Goldstein, from Kiryat Arba settlement on the outskirts of the citym, as worshippers kneeled, opened fire. He reloaded at least once, continuing his barrage for as long as possible before finally being overpowered and eventually beaten to death. By the time he was stopped, 29 worshippers were killed, and more than a hundred had been injured.

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