Chechen leader accuses US, West of seeking to shatter Russian economy

SHAFAQNA- Head of Russia’s North Caucasian Republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has accused the United States and the West of seeking to shatter the Russian economy by their sanctions but vowed Russia will hold out.

“I would like to stress that there could be no more cynical and immoral behavior than the actions of the leaders of America and its satellites,” Kadyrov wrote in his account in a social network on Wednesday. “Barack Obama is in the habit of speaking about democracy and human rights but is doing his best to impoverish all Russians — women, the elder, children, disabled people. Russia will hold out but this story will remain a dishonor for America.”

“Evidently, life is not going to be easy. Everyone will have to work hard, to work round-the-clock not only to prevent production slump and unemployment growth but to try to improve these indices,” he noted.

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