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Jaafaria Endowment Imposes Special Permits for Holding Shiite Religious Events in Houses

SHAFAQNA – The Jaafaria Endowment Directorate has imposed the issuance of a special permit for houses, whose owners wish to hold Shiite religious events, setting out five conditions for approval.

According to an official document seen by Bahrain Mirror, the Jaafaria Endowment set the following conditions:

1- There is no official obsequies center in the area for holding of mourning gatherings (Azaa) and appropriate times must be chosen.

2- Full commitment to not causing the neighbors any disturbance by avoiding the use of loudspeakers as well as parking cars or having individuals gather in a disturbing fashion in front of neighbors’ homes.

3- No mixing between sexes so gatherings are required to either be female only and male only.

4- Commitment to Sharia regulations and refraining from any statements that disrupt public security and provoke sedition among members of society and insult to any other component of the community.

5- Commitment of Azaa reciters to moderate discourse.

The document included the Jaafaria Endowment seal and signature of the head of the directorate Sheikh Mohsen Al-Asfour


Source – Bahrain Mirror

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