Jabhat AlNasrah to separate from Al-Qaida for Qatari support

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Sources from within the “Jabhat Al nasrah” said front leaders in Syria studying withdraw from al-Qaida to form a new entity, noting that the Gulf states, including Qatar encouraging them giving a lot of funding .The sources explained that “the officials of the intelligence agencies of the Gulf states, including Qatar met with the leader of the” Front victory”Jabhat Al nasrah” , “Mohammed Joulani repeatedly in recent months to encourage him to withdraw from al-Qaida and to discuss support for these members can be submitted as soon as separation from al-Qaida .close to the front sources in Syria said that “the new entity will see the light soon and will front the victory and the Mujahideen Army and Ansar and other small battalions, will be abandoned victory name, and will be separated front for al-Qaeda, but not all the Wali of the victory agree For this reason,  the delayed of the declaration.”


Image Source : http://www.raialyoum.com/

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