Jaya Lalita Case: Supreme Court grants interim bail till Dec 18


SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association)

Jaya Lalita ‘Amma’ may get a jail or a bail today; of course, her followers had fasted and prayed since the past few weeks for the home-coming of their Amma. Jaya herself may have lost hope, refusing to apply for the same on an urgent basis. It is up to the Supreme Court now to unite ‘Amma’ with her children. Nevertheless, Amma seems to have accepted her fate, as is reflected from her conduct. She knows there cannot be any exit for her now…not at least before 4 years. Embroiled in 18-year old 60 crore assets case, even if she comes out of jail, she would have a lot of answering to do (to the country). But that is a distant, unachievable thought. Here’s how the family drama plot unveils: The issue on which bail has been granted is Karnataka HC hasn’t decided whether the sentence shud be suspended or not: Subramanian Swamy





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