“and whoever does not accept the divine caller, he shall not escape in

the earth and he shall not have guardians besides him; these are in

manifest error.”

qummi says that the holy prophet once went to the market place, akkaza

along with zaid bin haritha to preach the message of islam, on his way

back to mecca he stayed in the valley of najbah for the night and when he

recited the holy qur’an, there also assembled some jinns, one of the

groups carried the message of islam to his kind.  (ms.  ub).

it is said that among the jinns there are believers and disbelievers,

good and wicked.  it is a proof positive that the holy prophet was a warner to the jinns

as well as to the mankind.


it is an assurance and an assertion that none can stop the

flourishing of the truth and the one who attempts to do it, shall lose

the sympathy of the others.  (a.p.)

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