John Kerry visit: Little carrots but no stick: Shafaqna Exclusive

SHAFAQNA-US-Pak relations has been well known for carrot and stick policy or more commonly known as the do more mantra.US has been pressurizing Pakistan since long for doing more to curb militancy with a constant flow of aid. After Peshawar Massacre Pakistan’s political and military leadership is adamant to take action against militant group. Now the Pakistan has been the focus of the entire world. In order to pat Pakistan, US secretary of state recently visited Pakistan but this visit was nothing more than hollow promises with a meager amount for the IDPs. At the time when Pakistan has been fighting the decisive battle against Militants, It needs not only aid but support from the entire world specially US but it totally disappointed Pakistan. On the other hand when Pakistani forces are engaged against militants, India has been mounting pressure on Eastern border. US should have advised India to keep restrain but John Kerry uttered no single word against Indian adventurism at border rather he repeated the old tantrum of facilitating talks between both the countries.

Few days back UN secretary Ban Ki-Moon also visited India and urged Pakistan to stop instigating Kashmiri freedom fighters. Ban Ki Moon also abstained to issue any statement on Indian belligerent policies towards Pakistan. This shows the US and Pakistan are not on the same page and US along with India does not want peace in Pakistan, otherwise it would have reflected what Pakistan doing against Militants. Thus it is clear that it is Pakistan’s own war and Western world including US is mere offering a lip service.

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